K78_JT-500R3-LB replacement module

1:1 replacement for DC-DC converter modules:

  • K7803JT-500R3-LB
  • K7805JT-500R3-LB
  • K78X6JT-500R3-LB
  • K7809JT-500R3-LB
  • K7812JT-500R3-LB
  • K7815JT-500R3-LB

In-house development for internal purposes, therefore also available for other customers.

Cranial electrotherapy stimulation device

Development of the entire device

The device is used for cranial electrical stimulation in a variety of therapies.

  • 1,8″ TFT color display
  • Integrated Li-Ion battery
  • Charging via USB-C socket
  • Additional medical grade isolation of the charging voltage
  • Operation via membrane keypad
  • Connection of ear clips and adhesive electrodes possible

Movement control device for patients with neurologically caused posture problems.

Development of a device system with the following key points:

  • 1.8 “TFT color display
  • Foil keyboard
  • Connection of up to three 9-axis position sensors for posture detection
  • Connection of up to 4 pairs of electrodes for biofeedback using stimulation current
  • Wireless Qi charging of the integrated LiIon battery
  • Bluetooth LE integration
  • IP65 housing