Quality assurance system for automotive application


Development of the entire system and the operating software

The new generation has been consistently developed for the worldwide networked quality assurance. Test programs and results are managed centrally via a database, whereby offline operation with current data is also carried out by a permanent synchronization in the case of network faults. By using Linux, remote maintenance is also very simple and flexible.

  • 4 load circuits with up to 300 W output power from two adjustable sources
  • Temperature compensation for different materials adjustable
  • Test procedures Database-based with local synchronization for offline operation
  • Remote maintenance of system and computer by Linux deployment
  • Touchscreen operation and support of barcode scanner and label printer
  • Can be used in harsh environments due to IP54 and working temperatures up to 50 °C
  • Prepared for LIN bus and CAN bus
  • Local data can be viewed and evaluated using LibreOffice Calc
  • Self-acting calibration via external adapter
  • Compatibility with the prior system